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Trailer toilets

When you’re hosting a celebratory party at home you may be facing the very real prospect that the increased numbers of guests using your downstairs loo will probably be a flush too far for your plumbing. 

It’s time to give MT Loos a call! 

For some events single toilets won’t cut it, and this is where trailer toilets are the answer. Our equipment is designed for a high turnover of guests, manufactured and designed not only for product quality, but quantity of use. MT Loos’ portable trailer toilets are self contained wheel mounted units that offer the ultimate flexibility. These mobile units are ideal for temporary locations on event sites, making them quick to relocate. We just drive right up to your desired location and set up for you. 

Delivered by our fully trained technicians, our trailer units have their own water supply and waste storage, and they arrive with a fully charged battery so you don’t need access to power. We’ll just set them up for you and you (and your guests) will be good to go.

MT Loos trailer toilets are 1+1 trailers that contain 2 toilets.  We will install and test the unit and ensure it is fully stocked with everything you need to keep your guests comfortable.

And if your event is being held over more than one day, we will happily return to discreetly empty the holding tanks, and can even give the units a quick once over and replenish any consumables so they continue to be hygienic and fresh over the full course of the hire period.

Our trailer toilets include:

  • Fold away steps so your guests can access the toilets easily and safely 
  • Safety support rails – for extra peace of mind
  • Adjustable stability legs – whatever the weather throws at you, or if the ground is slightly uneven, the adjustable legs will ensure the toilet trailer is 100% stable and secure

We’ll take the strain away from your event and give you one less thing to worry about!



Choose from 2 different trailer sizes for our 1+1 trailers:

Option 1: Length (inc tow hitch) 3.8m
Height 2.7m
Width 1.7m
Option 2: Length (inc tow hitch) 4m
Height 2.8m
Width (inc wheels) 1.6m

Ready to take the plunge?

Get in touch with us today to discuss your portable toilet needs. We’re happy to offer our expertise and advice so that you get the product you need for your exact circumstances.