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Construction toilets

When it comes to building sites the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 make it pretty clear what needs to come near the top of the list before you get started: the provision of welfare facilities for all workers on site. So before you even start swinging hammers or knocking down walls, you need to adhere to a bare minimum of standards on site. These boil down to providing workers with toilets, washbasins, drinking water and somewhere to eat their lunch without getting rained on. You’ll need to know how many workers will be on site, as this will determine how many toilets you need and how often they will need to be emptied.

If you’re looking for clean and reliable portable toilets that avoid the hassle of plumbing for your building site, get in touch with   MT Loos! MT Loos has been delivering portable toilets to construction sites in Buckinghamshire and the Home Counties since 1999 – we know our stuff. So let’s get a handle on what you might need…

Our self-contained chemical toilets are the perfect solution for you. 

We’re able to position them wherever you need on your building site, they arrive fresh as a daisy and we service them on a regular basis to keep things fresh. Each toilet on long-term hire gets a thorough cleaning and is fully sanitised before delivery and then serviced within an agreed maintenance schedule – but if you need any additional maintenance outside of the regular schedule we’re happy to go with the flow – just get in touch with the team!.

Even better, there are no hidden portable toilet hire extra charges, ever. And because all our units include hand cleansing or washing facilities, and have air vents and translucent roofs, they’re fully self-contained so you don’t need to get bogged down with choosing added extras as part of your order. 

MT Loos is here to ensure your legal requirements for the provision of facilities on your building site don’t drive you potty. 

Contact us today on 01494 783 240 to have a chat about what you need, fill out our contact form or take a look at our Instagram page to see all options available to you.

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