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Disabled access toilets

So you’re hosting an event – that’s great! But how do you make sure everyone feels welcome and included at your event or function? This is not only really important from a enjoyment point of view, it’s a legal requirement.  

Commercial events have a legal responsibility to provide facilities that are accessible to everyone, regardless of their age, medical condition or disability. You’ll need to include disabled access toilet facilities in your event plans… and that’s where MT Loos comes in. 

All of our disabled accessible units meet industry standards and can also include baby changing facilities if you need them.

Our disabled access toilets come with the following features as bog standard:

  • enlarged sized facilities – while exact sizes vary depending on the model, all disabled access toilets need to be wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair, which is how they differ from our other standard toilets
  • handrails and grab rails – these enable disabled people with reduced mobility to move safely around the facilities at all times
  • accessories at the right level – fixtures and fittings like door handles and hand sanitiser dispensers are strategically placed so they’re in easy reach and at the right height for wheelchair users
  • baby changing facilities (should you choose to include them) – when changing a baby you need more room to manoeuvre than you have available within standard portable toilet cubicles. Our baby change facilities come with a fold-down table or flat surface upon which to lay your baby for changing.

If you’d like to know more about our disabled access toilets then call us on 01494 783 240 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.  



Total Height: 2310mm
Total Width: 1570mm
Total Length: 1570mm
Door Width: 810mm
Holding Tank Capacity: 125 litres
Recirculating Tank Capacity: 83.6 litres

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