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Chemical and mains connected toilets

If you want portable toilets without the hassles of plumbing then our self-contained chemical toilets are ideal for you. You can benefit from the flexibility of being able to position them anywhere to suit the layout of your building site.


Alternatively, our modern mains connect toilets function exactly like fresh home flushing toilets. They can be connected to a sewer line or placed on larger holding tanks.

Weekly servicing and cleaning

To ensure you gain full benefit from our services, each toilet on long-term hire is thoroughly cleaned, sanitised and recharged every week. Furthermore, as a little extra, we add a delicate perfume to each unit when it is cleaned.

Full range of services

- Chemical or mains connected toilets

- Weekly servicing and cleaning

- Hot water

- Hygienic portable toilets

- We also offer toilets for events

Hot water hand-washing

For your convenience and comfort, all units include hand cleansing or washing facilities, and have air vents and translucent roofs. Contact us today to let us know about your requirements and check out our gallery.

For regularly cleaned chemical toilets for building sites, call us today on

01494 783 240

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